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Do you all remember this GIF?

Well I finally found the video on vimeo shared through facebook. First off Props to his girlfriend who filmed all of this! I was blown away by the videography. Personally if I had to film this I would be scared out of my mind. Its almost as if you are in the water yourself. I felt my heart leap with every step he took, and then when he actually moved into the hole- mind blowing! Such fantastic skill to hold your breathe that entire time. Think of how deep that is and the pressure put on to his lungs I bet hi lungs were crushing to the size of oranges. You can even see at the end when he’s coming for air his cheeks are sucked into him. The way he ran up the oceans wall. This is crazy. The filming is beautiful. Enjoy!

World champion freediver Guillaume Nery does something extraordinary at Dean’s Blue Hole. This is the deepest blue hole in the world, measuring 663 feet to the bottom floor. Nery base jumps and it’s filmed entirely on “breath hold” by his girlfriend, French champion, Julie Gautier.
This phenomenal video will take your breath away!

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